Thursday, 29 March 2012

Folksy Finds: A Stylish Home - From Nature with Love

I don't know about you, but personally as soon as Spring time comes around I find myself drawn to the outdoors and all things nature related. I find my interest in tending the garden renewed and I can't wait to get out and plant the first vegetables of the year... and on this note I can't tell you how happy I was to check on the vegetable patch today and see the first tiny green shoots poking through the soil.

Similarly, as well as spending more time outside, I also like to bring the outdoors into my home at the time of year. Yes I like to do this all year round, but with the promise of Summer and long lazy days ahead of us I find the opportunity to have my own little piece of Spring on the mantelpiece or hall table irresistible.

In previous years, this has normally meant vase after vase of cut Spring flowers, but this year I've tried growing potted Spring bulbs and they've been a great success! Not only do they last much longer, but I genuinely enjoy seeing them grow from nothing to beautiful blooms over the course of a few weeks. And of course, best of all you can plant them out in the garden to enjoy year after year when you've finished with them inside!

These long lasting Spring displays of Spring bulbs made me think that maybe I needed a few more nature inspired objects in my home, some beautiful decorative pieces that evoke memories of the great outdoors all year round. So today, I bring you a "Stylish Homes" edition of my Folksy Finds - From Nature with Love.

I hope you enjoy looking at these items from some wonderfully talented Folksy Sellers - don't forget to click on each item to view it in more detail and take a look at the Seller's shop, they all have a wonderful range of items for sale.

Have you enjoyed this Folksy Finds? If so do let me know, I love to read your comments and I'd love to know what you think of my collection of Folksy Finds today. 

Emma X
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  1. Great selection - would look fab as a folksy front page x

  2. Did you enter the competition - A Stylish Home? Lovely selection and I agree it would look super on the front page! Well done! Enjoyed reading your post too!

  3. These are beautiful Emma. Very stylish!

    Shirley x

  4. Wow, this is a lovely collection of items. They all work very well together. And good pics too - I always find things I love for Folksy Friday, but then they often don't have very good photos.

  5. So many lovely items and agree, definitely worth the front page! Think the owl coasters are my fav, although they all look great :)

    Leanne xx